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The Myth of 'Evidence Based Medicine' And The Disappearance Of The Good Old Doctor.

Remember the good old doctor's clinic of yester era (like 30 years ago)? People used to be comfortable here with a personal touch and a homely atmosphere.  But these days the hospitals have become insanely huge, part of the reason for this is the psychological aspect. One look at these crazy big buildings and the patient gets psychologically intimidated. This insecure mindset forces the patient to lower his guard, become more submissive and more easily amenable to whatever the doctor tells him, even though he doesn't like it.  Leemon McHenry, PhD, "The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine" Now doctors give the patients only half of the information, may be because the doctors themselves do not have the complete information these days. The publishing of 'peer reviewed journal' is designed that way. Studies that are in favor of the pharmaceutical industry and their drugs are published more often (36/37 times) while those which show these drugs in negative light ra