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Edward Griffin on loss of personal liberties and Covid-19.

 G. Edward Griffin is a lecturer, documentary film maker and truth researcher. He wrote a number of books, of which 'A world without cancer' and 'The fearful master' left an everlasting impression on many young minds.  'The Medical laws are made by pharmaceutical industry who bribe the politicians.'  Edward Griffin talks about how personal freedom has been trampled by the corrupt governments. 'If you want to try a treatment other than what the doctor recommends you, its illegal by law in most of the countries in the world today. And those laws are made by the pharmaceutical industry who bribe the politicians. 'Its as bad as that.' Edward Griffin interviewed by Ashton Addison.  Talking about Covid-19 and the دما it has done to the economy and liberties of the people, Edward Griffin says they have been accelerating to bring about the Great Reset as soon as possible. And that the currency would be digital but the principal controlling unit would be the

Bioengineering: 3D Printed Fake Meat Steak: Another Step Towards Patenting The Food We Eat.

 The notorious World Economic Forum is publicizing an 'innovative technology' that would 'revolutionize' the way people eat and 'disrupt' meat industry ( disruptive technologies are backbone for 'Sustainable Development'). Again, in the garb of 'climate change', 'preserving natural resources' and reducing 'carbon emissions' the World Economic Forum is pushing this 'fake' meat which 'mimics' real meat as the savior of humanity. This can solve the imaginary problem of food shortage they say ( Global food production is in surplus from almost 5 decades ). Let us examine each claim individually. 👉 Claim 1: Its healthier than meat. How do you define 'healthy food'? A holistic definition would be, a food that is clean, natural (as much as possible), with no preservative or additives added to it, fresh, unprocessed, organic, locally grown, cooked properly. Nutrients part comes later as all naturally occurring f