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Covid-19 RT-PCR Test Explained.

Kary Mullis: You can find anything in anyone.  PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction. The test amplifies a given fragment of the DNA into number of copies of full DNA, depending on the amplification used. RT- PCR : Reverse Transcriptase PCR. This test first creates a complementary DNA from a given RNA (Reverse transcription) and then it amplifies the cDNA produced. Its used for RNA viruses (Covid-19). Real Time RT PCR:   The results are visible immediately, rather than at the end of the test.  What's the catch:   When amplified to enough 'cycles' you can find anything from anyone. Because the test takes a molecule and amplifies it. Our bodies have molecules which are identical to molecules found in environment, bacteria and viruses.  If a molecule from your body which might be just a fragment from previous coronavirus flu virus (almost ALL people in the world would have had coronavirus flu in their life in flu seasons) or some other virus fragment which might resemble fragment o