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Dr. Peter McCullough's Testimony to Senate Committee

Texas State Committee on Health and Human Services.  Dr. Peter McCullough's credentials: Internist and Cardiologist.  Professor of Medicine.  At Texas A & M University School of Medicine on the Baylor Dallas Campus.  Editor of two major journals.  Most published person in Heart and Kidney related studies. Chief of Dept. of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine.  More on his awards and achievements: Click Here .   Key points in the Testimony: (March 10, 2021) "I refuse to let a patient to languish at home for 2 weeks with no treatment and then hospitalized when it was too late." Published an article along with team of doctors from Italy and US on available treatment options for early to moderate Covid19 cases at the American Journal of Medicine. Click Here . No study or guidelines were issued by any health authority or scientific/medical society to treat early cases and stop hospitalizations. When I posted a YouTube video with 4 slides from the peer reviewed study that was