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Dr. Peter McCullough interview with Tucker Carlson: Highlights.

  In Australia, Doctor would go to jail if he uses HCQ.  Highlights: There's a glob oblivion about treating patients with Covid-19. Patients are sick at home for about 2 weeks (with any treatment) and they get sick to the poi where they can't breathe anymore and they get hospitalized and almost all the patients hospitalized die. PPE: Doesn't save the patient. It protects the health care professionals. Masks and social distancing are fear driven. Covid-19 is like flu pneumonia except that the immune so goes crazy in middle part of the disease and then there is thrombosis (blood clots). There's incredible suppression of early treatment . Lancet published a fake paper that came from a fake database that implied that Hydroxycloroquine hurt people in the hospital . It went through peer review, all the editors of Lancet agreed upon it. It hung up on the Lancet for about 2 weeks and scared the hell out of the world. Its one of the most widely used, mostly relied upon drug in t