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Dr. Byram Bridle about Covid-19 Vaccines.

Dr. Byram talks about covid19 vaccines.  Dr. Byram Bridle is viral immunologist and Associate Professor in Dept. of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph. The university had received a grant of $230k from Ontario government for development of Covid-19 vaccine. Dr. Bridle was( able to obtain Pfizer's Biodistribution Study through Japan's regulatory agency on drugs. Biodistribution study looks at how a drug (vaccine) is distributed in the body, how it passes through various organs and where it accumulates. The vaccine doesn't stay at the injection site as claimed but Pfizer's documents show that it travels all over the body within few hours of inoculation.  Dr. Bridle gave an interview in which he shared his observations about the viral Spike protein which our bodies start manufacturing once we take the experimental vaccines. He expressed concern that the spike protein itself is toxic and may cause heart inflammation, blood clots, bleeding. That interview went viral.