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Oxygen Induced Cytokine Storm/Hyperinflammation in Covid-19 Patients.

Most dreaded possibility for Covid 19 patients is Hospitalization. You cant see your loved ones once you enter the hospital prison. You are locked in a glass-fiber enclosure and the health care professionals visit you wearing the scary PPEs. Many have died a lonely miserable death locked away in oblivion in these heartless hospitals. Not to blame the hospitals but the system itself has lost compassion and love for the patient. Hospitals and healthcare professionals just follow the protocols and procedures set by the CDC. Patient arrives to the hospital when his spo2 is below 92 to 94% (in most countries). Once inside the hospital, the first thing they do is connect the patir to supplemental oxygen through a face mask or nasal prongs. And this supplemental oxygen stays on him until his spo2 (oxygen saturation of your blood) reaches to safe point (around 94 to 95) or until he goes on to the ventilator. Mortality of Covid 19 patients is very high in Hospitals: 26% in Hospital admitted pat