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Sportsmen collapsing/dying on the field: 'Extremely Rare'?

Players collapsing on the field rarely happens, we have seen that previously. But It has become a common recurring phenomenon now. What did these players have in common? The experimental Covid19 Vaccines. The players are required to take the vaccine at 2 weeks before the match start. What would be the 'collapsing' numbers in rest of the population? We can never know because authorities are not recording these events as related to vaccine nor media is covering it. >Christian Eriksen Collapse at Euros >Two West Indies Players – Chinelle Henry, Chedean Nation Collapse on Field >Atletico Madrid striker collapses in training and requires medical attention   >Brazilian soccer player Alex Apolinario dies after collapsing on pitch during match in Portugal.  Not so 'extremely rare' afterall.

Dr. Emanuel Garcia: "Gravely concerned about Pfizer Vaccine."

Dr. Emanuel Garcia is a board certified Psychiatrist and Neurologist. He is a dual citizen of US and New Zealand. Dr. Garcia reminds doctors of their hippocritic oath of 'do no harm.' He says that he is gravely concerned about the Pfizer 'vaccine' roll out, which is only available because of emergency use authorization. "It has not been tested for safety and efficacy." Dr. Garcia appealed the New Zealand government to depend on early treatment of covid infections. "Personally, I will not take these experimental biological agents under any circumstances whatsoever" he says. Click Here for more of Dr. Garcia's views on this topic. 

Dr. Scott Jensen About Covid-19 policy and Vaccination Program.

Minnesota Senator Dr. Jensen.  Dr. Scott Jensen is a physician and Minnesota state senator. He has announced that he will be  running for Minnesota governor . Dr. Jensen has been a vocal critic of Covid-19 policy and the vaccine. Last year he had criticized CDC's Covid-19 death certificate on live TV on Fox. For that he had to face an  investigation  for spreading 'misinformation'. Dr. Jensen expresses his frustration about how people's livelihoods are being destroyed by the lockdowns and how personal liberties and rights are being trampled since the beginning of the pandemic. He expresses concern regarding children being subjected to 'overly aggressive, unapproved, experimental vaccination program' that is causing Myocarditis in many young people. "There have been thousands and thousands of deaths since the vaccine program started, indicating a temporal relationship between the vaccine and the deaths, especially in kids. "