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India's Legal Fraternity Hits Back At Covid Plandemic.

Are you being coerced to take a vaccine at your workplace or university? Are you being deprived of earning livelihood for your family? Are you experiencing restrictions against your movements because you are not vaccinated? You will be delighted to know the recent Gauhati High Court Judgement regarding restrictions on Unvaccinated people. Click Here and Here for details on the Judgement. Restriction On Unvaccinated Persons For Leaving From Their Houses, Debarring Them From Earning Livelihood, Violative Of Art 14,19 and 21: The Judgement said. It further went on and said There is nothing to show that vaccinated persons (first dose) cannot be infected with coronavirus, or they cannot be spreaders. As the vaccinated and unvaccinated persons would have to follow the Covid proper behaviour protocols as per the SOP, there is no justification for discrimination. Previously Meghalaya High Court had given a similar judgement saying, "Vaccination by coercive methods is violative of fundam