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Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity: Dr. Larry Palevsky's Testimony- Highlights.

Dr. Larry Palevsky at Public Health Committee 19 Feb, 2020, HB 5044-an attempt to eliminate religious exemptions from public school vaccinations.  Dr. Stanley Plotkin, aka Godfather of Immunology was forced into silence by lawyer Aaron Siri with irrefutable proofs of possibilities of ill effects of vaccines on children. Dr. Stanley was under subpoena and under oath. He could barely lie and he could not get away from tough questions on vaccines. One of the section of the questioning was about Aluminum toxicity on brains of children. Click Here for Dr. Stanley Plotkin's deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin (look at time point 6:35:40 about Aluminum toxicity). Most of the doctors just parrot the corporate 'scientist' who tells them that 'there is no evidence that Aluminum causes autism.' That is al they know. Dr. Larry Palevsky an eminent Pediatrician from the US has been studying effects of Aluminum adjuvants on the health of children. Key points from his testimony to