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Govt of India Approves N.I.C.E Protocols.

  Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chawdhury On 20 July 2021, Government of India has granted approval for N.I.C.E protocol deviced by Alternative Medicine Physician Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chawdhury to treat mild to severe cases of Covid-19.  N.I.C.E (Network of Influenza Care Experts) have treated around 60,000 Covid-19 cases till date of which 35% of patients were in critical condition with comorbidities.  Achievements of N.I.C.E team: No patient died, all recovered from covid19.  Treatment was free of cost.  No medicines used.  No masks or social distancing protocols followed at NICE centers.  No oxygen or mechanical ventilation etc used.  Treatment was based on diet and moral boosting.  Most patients were Covid-19 negative in 3 to 5 days.  Avoiding Oxygen Supplementation: N.I.C.E protocol lays importance on avoiding supplemental oxygen. They use hand held fan near the patient's face for dyspnoeic patient or if the patient's SpO2 was less than 88% and use prone ventilation if the patient doesn&