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'Indian Doctors For Truth' To PM of India: Urgent Need to Stop Overzealous Universal Vaccination Drive Against Covid-19.

Yesterday I received an e-mail (a reply to my previous mail) from Indian Bar Association who were kind enough to notify me about the letter drafted by Indian Doctors For Truth (an Initiative of Awaken India Movement) to the Prime Minister of India, requesting him to urgently halt the universal mass covid19 vaccination drive being carried out in India.  This letter is so important because its filled with valuable information and hard research. The letter starts by reminding Doctors of their Hippocratic Oath of 'Do No Harm' taken by Doctors while they enter the medical education and then it points out that 'by ignoring the medical knowledge established for the last 100 years, and biased by western data and practice, the vaccination drive started in India is doing more harm than any good for the people of India." The Doctors then present 10 scientific facts regarding Covid19 related immunity and vaccination: There is enough and robust evidence available now that those who