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Rothschild Applied Patent For Covid-19 Testing and Tracking System in 2015?

  Mr. Richard Rothschild had applied for Patenting of Covid-19 Testing Method in 2015. You can find the above article at National Library Of Medicine- Click Here .  It might disappear from the net in future so I have made a pdf page of the article- Click Here .  'Fact Checkers' tell people not to believe in this misinformation, referring to 2015/10/13 being a 'priority date' and not 'application date'. Reuters Fact Checker says, "  The priority date can refer to the earliest filing date in a family of related patent applications, or to the earliest filing date of a particular feature of an invention."  Does this in any way mean that Mr. Rothschild did not have prior knowledge of Covid-19 type of pandemic that would arise in future? I mean his buddies Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci knew it all along. Both had publicly boasted that such a Global Pandemic would hit in future, with Bill Gates actually showing the picture of Coronavirus with its spikes in hi