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The Food Industry Deception: 'Generally Recognized As Safe.'

Food additives are chemicals that are added to industrial packaged foods to preserve its taste, texture, color, smell or to extend its shelf life. While the food additives achieve these goals, they inadvertently and inevitably cause a lot of damage to our health. This is because the food industry's interests lie in making profits, not in health of the public. Some researchers have linked these food additives to chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hyper activity and attention deficits in children, various autoimmune diseases (and other immunity related disorders) and cancer. Today more than 10,000 chemicals make their way into our foods- many without any FDA scrutiny. More than 10k chemicals are in our foods.  In fact the Center for Food Safety had sued the FDA in 2014 for its "unlawful action of exempting substances that are 'generally recognized as safe' ( GRAS ) from regulations as food additives under a proposed rule for more than 15 years." The FDA liter