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Mask Off Mask On: Devil's Play by Health Authorities.

Mask mandates have shown us yet again why there should not be any 'authority' to dictate whats good or bad for our health. 'Public Health' has become such an evil weapon used to wipe out God given rights of the people. Today's Covid-19 mandates are reminiscent of Nazi medical experiments trampling human rights and treating human beings like lab animals. Where you do not have right to choose for your health and worse -  the assumption that you do not know what's good for you. Approx 20-200 viruses and 2-3 viruses can TOGETHER pass through one pore of surgical mass and N95 mask. Total corruption of science by the corporate powers and the turning of science into an authoritarian 'collective conscience' of the 'scientific community' has been an ongoing phenomenon from the past few decades which now has taken exponential proportions. Rather science is about facts, proofs, experimentation, questioning, reasoning- not a majority vs minority belief syst