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Sweden maintains ZERO Covid-19 cases- without masks, social distancing and vaccine coercion.

'We need more data before taking any step' - Dr. Tagnell. Sweden has maintained Zero new covid-19 cases and just one death from past 3 weeks, without mask/vaccine mandates and without social distancing. Sweden was the only country which did not go for lockdowns or any other kind of covid-19 restrictions since the beginning of the 'pandemic'. Sweden's chief epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tagnell threw the CDC recommendations and the apocalyptic SAGE modelling predictions in the dustbin so far and has totally ignored Fauci. This success has been possible because Public Health Dpt has so far been able to keep itself independent from political pressures. While the media is busy calling it a 'gamble' or an 'experiment', Dr. Tagnell has maintained that we need to have concrete data before taking any step. He says the same thing about 'delta variant'.   In an interview with Claudia Nye, the documentary maker who made Covid, Tango and the Lagom Way , Dr.