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18 Questions to AIIMS Director.

Awaken India Movement (AIM) has raised 18 pointed questions regarding Covid19 to AIIMS (India's premiere medical institute- All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Director, Dr. Randeep Guleria. The questions force us to think about the fallacity of the official narrative about Covid 19. Answerable to Media alone?  (1). In 2020, "Covid-19" was declared as Pandemic in India on the basis of: (a). WHO declared it a Pandemic on 11th March'20. Does mere declaration by WHO that a pandemic has come, binding on the Government of India without confirming the same by its own research institutions, concerned scientists and referring to domestic studies? (b). Did any public funded medical authority/institution in India give its consent to declaration of a pandemic and health emergency and subsequent measures of mandatory mask and social distancing, lockdowns and then vaccine coercion in the country, linking it to travel and attending educational institution campuses?  (2). Has t