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Marburg Virus: Vaccine Mafia Orchestrating Another 'Plandemic?'

Marburg virus belongs to Filoviridae family (like Ebola virus). Most infections subside with symptomatic treatment and rest. But some cases may progress to Margurg hemorrhagic fever with a high fatality rate of 50%. Global Vaccine Syndicate Gavi laid the foundations of 'Marburg' hysteria in April 2021. Now, supposedly in August 2021 few cases were reported in Africa. The vaccine syndicates quickly deployed their agent Tedross (WHO) to hype up the fear and to start marketing 'Marburg vaccine' which again is in experimental stages.  Tedross comes up with a serious face and does what he is best at doing : fear mongering and vaccine marketing. Marburg virus is different from covid19 viris as its transmission is through direct contact- not airborne. So good hygiene will eliminate the risk of transmission.  Now that Guinea has declared end of Marburg outbreak in September, lets hope Marburg threat is over atleast for now. More about Marburg virus: